Lidl: More transparency with data matrix and QR code


Lidl has launched a transparency initiative, which can be found out more on the Lidl website.

Each product has an additional 2D code (Datamatrix or QR code) printed on it. By scanning the code with your smartphone, you can access one side of the FTRACE platform (“One click – and you know it” ), which contains more detailed information about the product.

Here’s an example: marinated turkey minced steaks Lidl_IMAG0149…. by scanning the Datamatrix-Code … Lidl_Datamatrix_IMAG0152… you get to the page of this batch …
Lidl_Screenshot_2015-04-10-20-16-07From here you get additional information about the product, the origin, the production and the quality. Here are the details of the origin of the hamburger steaks:


This is the latest trend in consumer awareness providing full food traceability in a relatively low cost format