Five minutes from good receipt to dispatch: fully automated logistics


When it comes to the supply of Shoes, we wont have to wait long!!, Thanks to a fully automatic warehouse management system and a number of Labelling Systems supplied by Weber, the shoes at Görtz only need five minutes from goods receipt to goods despatch.

This works via shipping label templates that Görtz sends to his suppliers as a pdf file with each order. As soon as the barcode on these labels have been scanned at goods receipt, the warehouse management system determines what happens to the carton within a fraction of a second: storage, repack or despatch?

Weber Legi-Air 4050 label dispensers from Weber automatically apply each box with a label that allows the product to be passed through the warehouse automatically. If a carton should be forwarded immediately to a store or customer, it automatically arrives at the goods issue and receives its shipping label. The entire product identification and tracking takes just 5 minutes!!