Markoprint IP-Jet

The thermal inkjet printer IP-JET HP MK3 has been specifically designed for usage in dusty or damp situations. It is especially ideal for the food sector, as well as the plastics, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, due to its IP65 protection level.

The IP-JET HP is a small inkjet printer with a printhead and control unit housed in one unit. Water and dust are kept out of the cartridge by sealing it and pressurizing it. The power supply features a waterproof connector, and the external connections’ connectors are secured with an IP67 rating. The printhead does not need to be covered or removed for wet cleaning, unlike many other printers on the market.


Thermal inkjet printer with IP65 protection for harsh environments


        • Stand-alone inkjet printing system


        • IP65 protection for use in harsh environments with high exposure to moisture


        • Requires no cover or dismantling during washdown


        • User-friendly 3-button-operation control panel


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