Juice Labels

If you want your brand of drinks, cold-pressed juices, or other beverages to stand out from the crowded store shelf, you have to have a design that sets you apart from the competition. Color code each flavor using bright colors that reflect the taste of the product. We have some great ideas that can help you improve the appearance of your juice brand. Weber can also help you pick the right materials to stand up to the refrigerated environment and still look refreshing.


Create a Family of Colorful Juice Labels For Your Brand.

Juice Label Design Tips


  • Using clear label material allows your product to be seen by the consumer, plus it adds color to the products shelf appearance.
  • Be sure to use label materials that will stand up to the environment if they are exposed to damp or refrigerated conditions for a length of time.


  • Use unique designs and colors to convey a family of products. This makes it easier for consumers to return to your brand by sight.
  • Color also adds visual flavor ideas to the packaging.
  • Keep your design simple but eye-catching. Metallic foils and gloss varnished labels can attract a customers attention quickly.
  • Add a QR code so your customers can interact with your company via free offers, recipes and more.

Need help applying your labels? We have label applicator sized to fit your needs, from small boutique juice companies to large automated beverage production labellers.



Cold-Pressed Juice LabelsCold-pressed juices are hot and what better way to show off your all-natural drink than with a clear label. Health-conscious people want to see what they are consuming and this label allows an open view of the contents.This clear film label design features stunning typography, a clean fresh look, and color segmentation for easy customer recognition.Label Size: 5.5″ wide x 7.5″ highFacestock: Clear FilmPrint method: Digital

Top Coat: None

Tangerine Juice LabelsHere is another example of a clear label on a all-natural juice product. Some of the copy is actually hard to see until it is applied to the product.Clear film labels last longer than paper labels in harsh environments like beverage coolers and wet conditions. Keep your brand looking good and show your product through the label.Label Size: 2.0″ wide x 3.75″ highFacestock: Clear Film

Print method: Digital

Top Coat: None

Cold-Pressed Juice LabelsThis simple, clean design on a cold-pressed juice label allows the products to show through. This lets the consumer choose their favorite type of beverage by color as well as letting them see the contents.Digital labels printed on clear film can have small type as well as bold solids. Why not let your product be showcased by a clear label.Label Size: 1.25″ wide x 4.75″ highFacestock: Clear Film

Print method: Digital

Top Coat: None


Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

Available Documents

    Legi-Air 4050 M Label printer and dispenser


    Weber Packaging Solutions presents the Legi-Air 4050 M – a printing dispenser with a novel control concept. The “M” correspondingly stands for master controller: “The central hub for data and process control”.

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    Motorola LS7808 Bar code scanner

    The advanced Symbol LS7808 horizontal slot scanner from Zebra delivers exceptionally high first-pass read rates for faster checkout times
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    Zebra ZD410

    The ZD410 is the smallest printer in its class, fitting easily in the most space-constrained desktop or shelf. Available with either 203 dpi or 300 dpi print resolution, the ZD410 is ideal for printing labels with a shelf life of less than one year. The ZD410 is currently available for purchase only in North America and the European Union countries. It will be launched in other countries throughout 2016.

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    Weber Alpha HSM Label Applicator

    The Alpha HSM (High Speed Modular) is our new modular compact Labelling System designed with versatility in mind.

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