EasyGo! InventoryHealthCare


EasyGo! InventoryHealthCare transforms your handheld into a stocktaking device for inventory management at your hospital or pharmacy. Especially designed for healthcare environments, use this application at your Hospital or Health Care centres to easily control your stock, such as medicines, equipment or other inventory. Next to the possibility to capture a zone, the location, and a quantity this applications allows as well for adding to each stock item healthcare specific data-fields such as batch and expiry dates. When stocktaking is complete, the data is uploaded to your host system for management reports and further processing.


EasyGo! InventoryHealthCare application allows inventory management of any type of stock, with or without barcodes labels in your Healthcare environment. Capture the barcode of each the stock item, or in case there is no barcode available simply key in the product id.  Add the quantity to each item and most importantly register the batch and/or lot numbers including the expiration dates.

Optionally you can ask the operator to identify the zone and location for easy product location tracking. It’s that easy!


EasyGo! InventoryHealthCare also allows the operator to check and edit previous inputs or to amend an error. When the inventory is done, the data is ready to be uploaded, via cradle or WiFi, to the host.


EasyGo! InventoryHealthCare workflow is fully customisable. The operator is prompted to provide zone, location, item, quantity, batch, expiry date, as necessary, all set according to the end-user’s inventory requirements. The workflow can be set up to loop on item and quantity until the inventory in that location is completed, or the operator can be required to re-enter the location for each item.

There is almost always a fit to each way of conducting inventories.







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