High Speed Vial Labelling Systems

The process of labeling vials requires very high-performance and high-speed labeling systems. Wrap-around labeling is predominantly used for vials in fully or semi automatic system variants. Such labels may include special fill-level scale markings, so they must be applied with high precision. Larger format vials are also used as infusion bottles and are often equipped with special hanger labels. These labels have a detachable clip for hanging the bottle. Booklet labels and documentation labels are similarly common. The latter have a perforation that allows part of the label to be detached so it can be adhered to a vaccination card, for instance. Reliable application of such functional labels to vials requires great precision.

Our Geset 300 Series range are designed specifically for the Pharma industry for high speed wrapround labelling or vials or bottles. The systems are modular in design with provision for adjustment for larger or smaller products giving the user flexibility of their product labelling process.