Mobility Software


Hotel Cleaning Software
Hotel Cleaning gets information to the reception faster. The mobile devices connect to the hotels Wi-Fi and sends data directly to the reception. The cleaner can report: When a room is ready for the next guest, scan barcodes on consumed minibar items, damage in the room, missing items (bathrobes, towels, remote control…), […]


Mobility for healthcare
Mobile solutions can be used for many things in a hospital. The most common solution we see is for warehousing. In most wards in a hospital there are small warehouses for band aids, needles, gloves and other consumable materials. To order new goods, inventory counting many hospitals use a warehouse solution from […]


Trade Show
In the entrance you use the mobile device to scan the barcode on the ticket and check against a database to see if the ticket is valid. Rent out mobile devices for the booths. The users can scan the badge of the people they talk to. They can add “to do” information to […]


Warehousing software has the functions: Inventory counting, Picking, Stock moving, Print (shelf label), Receiving. You can upgrade the solution with functions like: Serial number scanning, Ordering, Product information, traceability, damaged goods, shelf placement management etc.

Field Force/T&L

Case study: Smiling Faces
Smiling Faces services office coffee machines and “food at work” vending machines. Their service crew had a web-app in their iPhones for reporting. The app stopped working when they had no 3G coverage. To work faster and more accurately they needed to scan barcodes. The app they used did not have […]

Retail Software

Retail Mobile Solutions
Whether you are looking for an online, fully  integrated solution or a simple office solution,

Weber makes moving to a modern mobile  logistic and sales-assistant solution easy. The retail software solution

gives your stores new and  more efficient ways handle logistics and  support your customers shopping.



Retail Mobile Logistics Solutions
Inventrory counting app are the most common […]

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