Special labels

We can offer, for instance:

water-, oil- and grease-resistant labels with extremely adhesive glue, e.g. for labelling of car tyres or cutting discs.
Spunbonded fabric labels made of polyethylene continuous filament. These are resistant to water and many chemicals and solvents.
Safety labels which, when removed, break a metallised polyester foil, leaving behind legible marking on the […]

Blank labels

We offer you a broad spectrum of label variants, ensuring that you will always find the features tailor-made to suit your needs. These include, for instance, UV light-resistant, waterproof, recyclable and solvent-free labels and much more.
On customer request, we also produce labels on commission, even in small quantities and with customized text. With inventory […]

Primary labels / pre-printed labels

Up to 8 colours can be printed in UV flexoprint, be it as complete primary labels or as high-grade pre-printed labels, part-printed to your individual requirements (e.g. with your company logo). Informative data such as identification, minimum shelf life etc. can then be printed on the label at a later stage.

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