Labelling Software

Touch-Screen Label Print Station

Touch-Screen Print Station

The 15″ LCD print station comes preloaded with Weber’s exclusive Legitronic® Labelling Software, a user- friendly package that makes it easy to format labels with alphanumeric text, bar codes and graphic images. In addition, the unit includes custom front-end software that permits operators to use the touch-screen to choose and print those […]

Weber’s GHS Labeling Software

Weber GHS Labelling Software

Many GHS software programs assist the client in setting up their label formats by pulling in hazard & precautionary statements from publicly available data tables.  But this is only helpful if you are producing a product with 100% concentration of a given CAS – classified chemical.  Many manufacturers use custom blends […]

Legitronic® Labeling Software

Legitronic® Labelling Software

Weber’s Legitronic Labelling Software offers many advanced features to simplify label creation – but that’s just the beginning. Our exclusive software also provides powerful information tools that integrate with other applications to streamline an entire operation.

Flexible Design Features

Single-screen user interface
•WYSIWYG design screens
• Simple point-and-click operation
• Graphics compatibility with BMP, EPS, JPEG, PCX, WMF, TIFF, […]

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