Attractive labels plus important safety information

A family unit item label contends with the various brands on the store rack, so it should be outwardly engaging. In any case, since it frequently contains compound fixings, it more often than not needs names with alert data and point by point guidelines.

The label likewise should be strong since it will be taken care of over and over, regularly with the substance getting on the label. This could prompt imperative label bearings getting to be mixed up. Continuously utilize the right label materials for your labels and consider overlay to improve your name look and last more.

Product Example:

Furniture Polish Labels

Household Label Tips


Flexo label printing permits splendid beautiful labels in up to 10 hues. Extended content labels with numerous layer development let you handle a lot of duplicate for fixings, alert and taking care of directions. Sturdy label materials hold up to brutal stockpiling conditions and customer taking care of.


  • Add overlay to your label to assist it with looking better and last more
  • Custom pass on shapes can coordinate your label to the compartment’s lines
  • Coordinating front & back names can upgrade an item’s outline
  • Add a QR code to connect with your clients


All labels can be applied using a label applicator system.