Weber has the exceptional glue covered, elite film labels to meet your concoction drum and bucket labelling needs. We additionally have labels that meet GHS and BS-5609 consistence measures and drum reconditioning methods.

When you are printing labels in-house, please guarantee you utilize the right concoction safe variable-engraving label materials that are perfect with direct-warm, warm exchange and inkjet print innovations. We can assist you with settling on the right label decisions and in addition guide you in picking the best printer for your application.

Chemical Label Tips


• Be certain your names are UV and substance safe; the label inks and coatings ought to oppose blurring or obscuring when presented to direct daylight or chemicals inside the holder.

• Special film labels oppose concoction spills and last more than standard film or paper names.


• GHS names oblige unique risk images that must be imprinted in red ink to consent to new GHS rules.

• Contact Weber for more data and help meeting the prerequisites of the new GHS substance label order

The New GHS Compliant Labels
GHS label pictogram chartThe new labels must include six parts:

  1. Product Identifier
  2. Signal Word
  3. Hazard Statements
  4. Precautionary Statements
  5. Supplier Identification
  6. Pictograms

This change will advance a more secure workplace additionally make American organizations all inclusive aggressive since numerous different nations around the globe as of now oblige GHS labelling.

What will be troublesome for compound makers and clients is the way that they will be unable to utilize only one layout for various items. Each pictogram needs to have a red outskirt and every one needs to contain one and only of the nine assigned images.

For instance, they are not able to use a pre-printed label with nine empty purple diamonds after which imprint handiest the symbols on-site or even “go out” these that don’t apply.  People who are used to printing variable knowledge in black may just now want a color printer to handle those alterations.