Heavy-duty labels that look good

Labels utilized as a part of the automotive industry  have to be tough to stand up to the harsh environments where they are utilized, however that doesn’t mean they can’t look great as well.

Brilliant, vivid customer parts labels need to enhance you’re packaging. While OEM parts need tough labels for recognizable proof, dating and utilization data, and on the grounds that parts forging is an issue, security labels are expected to guarantee clients that they are getting unique producer quality items.


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Tough, UL-recorded vinyl and polyester name face sheet and glue blends make your label work for requesting, long haul applications. Unmistakable security and validation names that utilization factorable materials (destructible labels), informing cements and holographic pictures keep your image safe from duplicating. One of a kind, high-track tire tread labels are accessible for auto-apply applications, including the capacity to variable-engrave the item part number, UTQG rating and other data.


  • Labels should be attractive to contend on the rack in car storerooms
  • Numerous new parts are packaged in clear clamshells so the parts are noticeable
  • A gorgeous name adds to the brand mindfulness
  • Labels can be wrapped around the holder as a conclusion for alter apparent well being