Zebra P4T / RP4T Mobile Printers

Zebra’s P4T/RP4T is the first-ever mobile thermal-transfer printer with optional UHF RFID printing and encoding capability. The easy-to-carry P4T/RP4T printer enables users to print bar code labels and receipts where and when required on long-lasting and high endurance thermal-transfer media – resulting in enhanced data and asset-tracking accuracy and improved workforce efficiency.

Zebra P4T - RP4T Mobile Printers

When paired with tested genuine Zebra thermal-transfer supplies, the P4T/RP4T printer produces 2- to 4-inch-wide labels or receipts that withstand harsh environments and offer archival longevity ranging from 18 months to more than 10 years.

With the option to add the RFID capability, the P4T/RP4T printer is ideally suited to point-of-application UHF EPC Gen 2 smart labelling applications for compliance or business improvement now – or in the future.

Using Advanced technology for ease of use and productivity.

Ideal for:

• Manufacturing and warehousing
– Receiving – inventory labelling
– Shipping – picking labels
– Work-in-process labelling
– Lifetime product tracking

• Transportation and logistics
– Shipping labels for large items
– Cross-docking
– Container labelling

• Healthcare
– Blood-bag labels that meet ISBT-128 standards
– Specimen labels

• Retail
– Outdoor sales item labelling
– Cold-store bulk item labelling

• Mobile-workforce applications
– Label attachment at remote locations (repair history)
– Utility labelling of outside plant
– Durable and archivable receipts
– Asset-tagging
– Inventory control
– Facilities management
– Crime evidence bar code labels



Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

Available Documents

P4T Brochure

    Booklet Labels


    Many products, especially medicines and nutraceuticals, need to provide additional information to their customers regarding dosage and safety concerns. While space on a container is limited, you can get around that limitation by using a booklet label.

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    MC 45

    MC45 – Enterprise Value Without Compromise

    Regardless of whether your customers are a small or medium-sized business, or in an emerging market, their field workforce is repairing equipment, writing sales or picking up and delivering shipments – and they all have one thing in common. They provide daily touch points with their clients. How fast and how well they perform their jobs directly impacts their revenue, customer satisfaction, customer retention — and the cost of their labor pool.

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    Zebra R110PAX4 Print Engine

    Zebra R110PAX4 Printer

    High-performance RFID multi-protocol print engine for print-and-apply Solutions. If your business must comply with radio frequency identification (RFID) mandates, look to Zebra’s R110PAX4 to help you jump-start the process. Zebra’s PAX™ print engines are performance leaders in mission-critical print-and-apply applications. We’ve coupled the performance of PAX with RFID technology to empower you with a
    one-stop shop for identifying cases and pallets.

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    XC Label Printer

    xc6 label printer

    The layout of the labels is created either using label software or through direct programming via a text editor on the PC. Label formats, fonts and graphic data, serial data and database contents are saved or imported on the CF memory card, USB flash drive or the internal IFFS printer memory. Only variable data is sent to the printer via keyboard or host computer before being printed out. Data from a barcode scanner or a balance can also be received by the printer.

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